Natural things belong together
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Product design and product development

We design new collections

Our aim is to design contemporary and functional objects and furniture made of cork, highlighting its natural beauty, texture and shade variation. Cork is the main material of Cork Units products, sometimes combined with other materials.

We do bespoke products

We manufacture beskope products made of natural cork for brands. If you send us an idea or a sketch, we support the technical development and production in accordance with the customer's specifications.

We support new projects

We work together with designers and architects to develop new products and projects made of natural cork. We provide support from the concept stage until the production of prototypes.


Natural things belong together


Special edition Cork Units x Niruk


Special edition Cork Units x Niruk

PLAY Side Table

Special edition Cork Units x Niruk

BALANÇO Plate Swing

Special edition Cork Units x Niruk

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Furniture Collection

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Sustainable design brand

  • The brand

    Cork Units is a portuguese design brand created by the third generation of a cork family company. Our aim is to design contemporary and functional products made of cork, highlighting its natural beauty, texture and shade variation.Cork is the main material of Cork Units collections, sometimes combined with other materials. Cork Units products are designed and produced in Portugal.

  • Sustainable design

    The brand is engaged in developing sustainable and eco-friendly products. With a minimal level of transformation, the cork keeps most of its original properties, resulting in products with a low environmental footprint.

  • Cork

    Cork is a natural, recyclable and sustainable material. It is a 100% natural plant based tissue.The cork tree has a long lifetime, around 200 years and it has an enormous regeneration capacity. The plant natural habitat is in the southern region of Portugal and Mediterranean countries. The harvest process has to be made respecting a period of 9 years.

  • Motto

    Taking as a motto ‘natural things belong together’, the intention of Cork Units is to be a conscious design brand, with a new look on the singularity of cork and its integration in the contemporary way of life.

Cork Units Team

Multidisciplinary team with a new approach to natural cork

Mariana Alves

Co-Founder and Creative Director

Joana Silva

Co-Founder and Head of Sales

Cork Units was founded by an architect and an engineer. Both started their careers in well known companies and had international work experience. Cork Units is the result of the synergies of both backgrounds.


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